A traditional balustrade is a timeless architectural compilation which adds sophistication to any exterior or interior setting. Balustrades can be used to create a dramatic spiral stairway, an elegant balcony, or to delineate a courtyard or garden terrace from a lawn.


A stone balustrade is comprised of a top rail, balusters, and bottom rail; which is received by cast stone piers or newel posts. There are numerous design options available to enrich your balustrade’s flair. For example, balusters can be custom made to emphasize or contrast other features in a home or building; piers can be accented with decorative inlay panels and adorned with ball finials or urns.


A less formal and more decorative alternate to balustrading, parapet screening provides an exceptional solution. Cast stone parapet screening typically uses a repeating quatrefoil pattern, which can be embellished by our sculptors with a high relief.

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Initially designed for structural use, columns and pilasters are now commonly integrated into projects as design elements. CGA Stoneworks can provide your project with columns and pilasters in all five Architectural Orders: Corinthian, Doric, Ionic, Tuscan, and Composite. In addition to the standard orders, CGA specializes in creating one of a kind custom columns and pilasters. From ornate Greek Dolphin Capitals to Sailfish embossed column shafts, our sculpting studio can incorporate the theme of your project or its surroundings into these iconic architectural elements.


Preserving the ancient styles of classical architecture along with retaining the proportions of each Architectural Order is of the utmost importance. The ancient orders of architecture provide designers with a set of guides and mathematical formulas which result in an aesthetically pleasing design. Unfortunately, many Cast Stone companies ignore these rules and substitute their “stock molds” to keep their costs down. This results in a column or pilaster that is out of proportion, appearing too skinny or too fat, when viewed as a complete architectural element. At CGA Stoneworks, all of our columns and pilasters are designed and manufactured to uphold the proportions and characteristic profiles and details of the Architectural Orders. If we don’t have the correct size mold on hand, we will fabricate one in our mold and sculpting department. We never sabotage the intended design to reduce our expenses. This is just another way that we separate ourselves from the rest of the industry.


All CGA Stoneworks columns and pilasters can be fabricated in Architectural Cast Stone, Architectural Precast, GFRC, or hand-carved Natural Stone, to meet the design objectives of your project.

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In classical architecture the entablature is the upper portion of a building, above the supporting columns and below the roof. There are three components of an entablature: the architrave (lower banding), frieze (middle banding), and the cornice (upper banding). In modern architecture it is common for projects to be designed with all three elements of the entablature, as well as just the cornice.


The cornice and entablature is the exterior equivalent of crown molding and offers the same benefits; a finished elegant design that accentuates the buildings architecture. From elaborate repeating patterns, to an integrated gutter system, the design options are truly endless.

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Cast Stone arches enrich the appearance of any well designed residence or commercial project by accentuating its entries and hallways.


Cast Stone surrounds, sills, and keystones can be added to doorways and windows creating a look of elegance. We can produce any design, whether it is traditionally simple or intricately ornate.


Of course, we’re not limited to just Cast Stone. At CGA Stoneworks we can fabricate some, or all of these architectural moldings in multiple materials. With GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) the options are endless, due to the material’s unique ability to be manufactured in very large pieces at a fraction of the weight while integrating seamlessly with the cast stone in color and finish. Prefer the inherent beauty of natural limestone? Not a problem, we will carve the moldings to match your specified profiles and patterns from hand selected blocks of stone.

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Decorative cast stone moldings and trim can be used to create elegant styling or intricate embellishments around your building’s exterior and interior. Various moldings such as a base molding, watertable base, and string course can define the levels of a building or simply break up large facade. A compilation of bandings can be used to generate a focal point like a classic portico, loggia, or dress the edge of a balcony or terrace. Moldings around windows and doors, typically referred to as surrounds, are an excellent way to add elegance and provide a finished look. Moldings are typically used in conjunction with other architectural dressings such as cornices, quoins, plinths, and veneer cladding.


Where a design or structure calls for very large and long moldings, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is the ideal material to be used. Our GFRC has a high strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength which enable large moldings to be fabricated in the same color range and finish as our cast stone products.

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CGA Stoneworks has an extensive library of ornate sculpted items including: medallions, rosettes, cartouches, corbels, brackets, columns, balusters, moldings, planters, urns, and finials. In fact, we have hand-carved custom reliefs and engravings on virtually every architectural element imaginable; even pavers with engraved sea shells and seahorses.


Even though we have a vast collection of sculpted architectural elements, many of our Clients have a unique vision that they would like to see brought to life. Whether it’s a few elaborate medallions or intricately ornate moldings encasing every window and door, our skilled artists can create any design imaginable with uncompromising attention to detail.


Our sculpting and mold-making department is the back-bone of our manufacturing facility, and second to none. We fuse modern technology with old-world tradition, enabling us to efficiently and accurately work on large scale and complex projects. Our laser scanners, 3D software, and CNC router allow us to replicate architectural artifacts, and carve any shape or pattern you can dream of. While modern technology is critical, our most important asset is our team of talented artists and hand-carvers who have honed their techniques for decades. Our machines and 3D software augment the sculptors’ skilled hands and eyes.

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CGA Stoneworks offers an extensive collection of custom designed and exquisitely crafted fireplace mantels. We recognize that the fireplace mantel is often the signature statement of a home, reflecting its quality as well as the superior craftsmanship of its builder. At CGA you always receive a custom designed mantel that boasts uncompromising attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship.


Every fireplace mantel we create is hand-made to order from the finest materials: natural limestone, marble, coral stone, cast stone, and GFRC. Our ability to work with so many different materials ensures your mantel will be crafted from the most suitable product to meet your design criteria while adding beauty and value to your investment.

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The entrance to a home or building should be a focal point; after all first impressions are everything.  A dramatic grand entryway will dramatically enhance a projects curb appeal and command attention. Whether your project incorporates a courtyard to the main entrance of a home, or an entryway with gate piers and a perimeter wall, adding cast stone elements which unite the building’s architecture will complete your project’s design.

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Landscapes designed with natural and cast stone are admired and recognized for their inherent beauty. Whether your style is classical, traditional, or contemporary, there are numerous cast stone elements such as; planters, fire pit bowls, urns, pergola columns, gazebos, balustrades and fountains that can be incorporated to distinguish your project and have an immediate and lasting impression.

Fountains are a popular amenity for gardens and landscapes both large and small. The added element of flowing water infuses tranquility and is essential to completing any outdoor living space.

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Cast stone planter designs enhance gardens and terraces adding style to your container planters; including bowls, boxes, baskets, vases, and urns are ideal for your patio or terrace, garden or landscape. A traditional or contemporary planter is not just a plant pot or box. It is a work of art, exuding quality and adding elegance to your grounds. Cast stone planters can be placed on a deck, or positioned atop a pedestal or newel post of your balustrade. Incorporating cast stone planters is an easy way to add grandeur to one’s estate.


CGA’s standard planters are available in a wide range of sizes and styles both classical and contemporary. In addition to our stock models, we specialize in creating custom cast stone planters and urns in a limitless range of styles and designs.

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Cast Stone wall and pier caps provide the finishing touch to an entry gate pier, newel post, and property walls. At CGA, all of our pier and wall caps are made to your specified profile and dimensions. If a cap design has not been provided, our talented detailers will submit several options for your selection which complement the buildings architecture.


Piers and walls can be further accented with base moldings, wall bandings, veneer cladding, and a wide range of finials.

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Cast stone paving and flooring is ideal for patios, terraces, decks, walkways, driveways, and stepping stones due to its inherent strength and durability. At CGA Stoneworks we are not limited to ‘available sizes’ like most paving manufacturers. All of our pavers are made to order, to virtually any size or shape, so landscape architects and designers have the freedom to create their ideal paving pattern without having to compromise their design.


Our pavers are available in a wide range of standard or custom finishes as well as standard or custom colors. Our pavers have been fabricated to simulate a wide range of natural cut stones including: Florida Coral stone, Dominican Coral stone, Limestone, Keystone, Shell-stone, Granite, Sandstone, and Bluestone. In addition to simulating natural stone, we have generated numerous unique textures and finishes to achieve an exclusive look for our Clients.


Cast Stone steps can be fabricated for straight, radius, or spiral stairs both exterior and interior. As with all of our products, standard and custom colors, finishes, profiles, and sizes are available. Of course, no staircase is complete without complementing balustrades designed to tie a building’s design and landscape together.

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